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HearTN provides a wide range of products and services to address your hearing needs in Franklin, Chattanooga, TN, and surrounding areas. Our dedicated team specializes in fitting and servicing premium hearing aids from leading brands including Oticon, Phonak, Resound, Starkey, Signia, Widex, and Unitron. Whether you require comprehensive hearing evaluations, hearing aid repairs, or tinnitus management, we strive to deliver personalized care tailored to each individual. From state-of-the-art technology to expert guidance, HearTN is committed to improving your hearing health and overall well-being.

 Hearing Exam in Franklin & Chattanooga, TN

Specialized Audiology Services

Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations

At HearTN, we employ cutting-edge equipment and testing methods to evaluate your hearing comprehensively. With precise assessments, we identify any potential hearing problems or loss. Our focus is on patient well-being and satisfaction, conducting all tests carefully to determine the most suitable treatment options.

Cerumen Management (Ear Wax Removal)

Our expert ear wax removal services enhance overall ear health and well-being. Our trained audiologists use safe techniques like irrigation and manual extraction to remove excess ear wax build-up, reducing the risk of discomfort, infections, and hearing loss and promoting clear hearing for our valued clients.

Pediatric Audiometry

Available in Our Franklin & Red Bank Offices Only

HearTN offers specialized pediatric audiometry to evaluate children’s hearing abilities. Through age-appropriate assessments like play audiometry and visual reinforcement audiometry, we diagnose hearing issues early on, optimizing communication skills and development. Our comprehensive services prioritize the hearing health of our youngest patients.

Tinnitus Management

We understand the impact even mild tinnitus can have on your daily life and are committed to providing effective treatment options. HearTN is proud to be the exclusive provider in the middle and east Tennessee regions of Lenire, an innovative tinnitus management solution. Lenire combines neurostimulation with sound therapy to help alleviate tinnitus symptoms and improve overall well-being.

RealEar Measurements

RealEar measurement services provide an objective picture for personalized hearing aid fittings. By placing a small microphone in the ear canal, RealEar measurements verify the amplification settings of hearing aids in real-world listening situations. This ensures optimal hearing aid performance and improves the overall listening experience for individuals with hearing loss.

Balance Evaluations

Available in Our Franklin Office Only

HearTN offers comprehensive balance evaluations to address dizziness and imbalance. We use advanced testing techniques and equipment for accurate assessment. With a thorough understanding of your needs, we develop personalized treatment plans to restore balance and improve your quality of life. Our results contribute to your referring physicians comprehensive evaluation to provide a more accurate diagnosis for treatment planning.


We offer tympanometry, a painless test that measures eardrum movement in response to air pressure changes. It helps diagnose ear infections, fluid buildup, and Eustachian tube dysfunction. Our skilled professionals use advanced equipment for accurate results, aiming to improve overall hearing health and well-being by identifying and addressing middle ear abnormalities.

Cognivue Screenings

Cognivue screenings are an FDA approved screening tool that measure various cognitive functions, including memory, attention, and processing speed. Early detection and treatment of hearing loss are known to impact and reduce the early onset of many cognitive decline disorders.

Hearing Aids

We offer comprehensive hearing aid services, including expert selection, personalized programming, counseling on usage and care, and ongoing maintenance support. We aim to ensure that individuals receive the best possible hearing aid solution tailored to their specific needs and preferences.

Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE) Measurement

Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE) measurement is a non-invasive test that evaluates the functionality of the inner ear. By measuring the sound produced by the outer hair cells in response to stimulation, OAE testing helps identify hearing loss in infants, children, and adults. HearTN utilizes OAE measurement to assess hearing health and provide appropriate interventions when needed.

Auditory Processing Disorder Diagnostic Evaluations

Available in Our Franklin, Red Bank, & Trenton Offices Only

Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) Diagnostic Evaluations are comprehensive assessments that identify and diagnose difficulties in processing auditory information. Utilizing specialized tests and techniques, these evaluations evaluate the specific auditory processing skills of individuals ages 7 and up, helping to tailor interventions and support strategies to improve communication and learning abilities.

Custom Plugs

Our custom plugs offer various options, such as noise plugs with filters, and earplugs for swimming, snoring, shooting, and airplane travel. We also provide semi-custom options and services like musician impressions and custom monitors for professionals seeking optimal hearing protection and sound quality.

Certified Providers Of…


Available in Our Franklin Office Only

HearTN is a certified Lyric provider, offering the innovative Lyric hearing aid solution. Lyric is a hidden, extended-wear hearing aid that provides clear and natural sound quality while comfortably worn 24/7 inside the ear canal.


Available in Our Franklin, Red Bank & Trenton Offices Only

Our expert team provides comprehensive evaluations and personalized treatment plans utilizing Lenire’s neuromodulation technology. Lenire combines sound stimulation and tongue stimulation to alleviate tinnitus symptoms and improve overall auditory perception for individuals with tinnitus.


Available in Our Franklin, Spring Hill Offices Only

Being a certified EarLens provider means having the expertise and authorization to offer EarLens hearing aids to patients. These small, invisible hearing aids work in tandem with a custom-fit implanted lens that rests deep in the ear canal, providing clear and natural sound while being virtually unnoticed.

Implanted Devices

Cochlear Implant Candidacy Evaluations

Available in Our Franklin & Red Bank Offices Only

Cochlear Implant Candidacy Evaluations assess individuals’ hearing loss severity and communication challenges to determine if they are suitable candidates for cochlear implants. These evaluations include hearing tests, speech understanding assessments, and consultations to determine the potential benefit of cochlear implants for improved hearing abilities.

Cochlear Implant Program Management

Available in Our Franklin & Red Bank Offices Only

Cochlear Implant program management involves overseeing and coordinating the entire process of cochlear implantation, from initial assessment to post-operative care. This includes scheduling appointments, ensuring seamless communication between healthcare professionals, and providing ongoing support for the recipient and their family.

Cochlear Implant Mapping & Activation

Available in Our Franklin & Red Bank Offices Only

Cochlear Implant Mapping & Activation involves programming the cochlear implant devices to optimize hearing performance for individuals. This process includes adjusting sound parameters, setting appropriate levels of stimulation, and providing guidance on effectively using and adapting to the cochlear implant technology.

Other Bone-Anchored Hearing Aid Services

Other Bone Anchored Hearing Aid Services are available at all locations, ensuring accessibility and convenience for individuals. These services encompass evaluations, fittings, adjustments, and ongoing support for bone-anchored hearing aids, providing comprehensive care and improved hearing outcomes for all patients.

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